Marhaba Cycle Ride 2014

DATE: 30th March 2014 VENUE: Azaadville Park TIME :Category C- 8:30 am Category B- 8:45am. Category A- 9:15am. CATEGORIES: A- kiddies 4-8Years (Park ride,girls and Boys). B- 5km ride,offroad (Boys only). C-12km,offroad (Boys only) Entrance fee: category A-R10(excl meal voucher) category B and C R50(incl meal voucher) Fathers are welcome to enter with a fee […]


D2D 2013

The dome 2 dome 2013 cycle race saw most of our riders coming in under 2 hours.Overall it was a great 48km race but the cold morning meant a 20km ride to the race and back bringing our total distance to 90km. Results Gallery    



3 Top indoor workouts

There’s no excuse for not riding your bike in winter. If you don’t want to brave the cold and wet, head indoors. It doesn’t have to be dull – and it can put you on the fast track to fitness.Spending hours on the trainer can be overkill. Indoor workouts ‘are harder than riding outside because […]

Master Cleaning Your Drivetrain

Your drivetrain is made up of some of the costliest components­ on your bike. They’re also some of the neediest – demanding regular lubrication to keep them running smoothly, which means they’re a magnet for grit and grime. Here’s how to de-crud the crevices, for a more efficient ride and longer-lasting parts. You will need: […]



How to change a flat quickly

You can spend months prepping for an event, then have your effort quashed by a flat. Don’t freak. Fix the flat quickly. Here’s how to get rolling in 5 to 10 minutes. 1. Shift to the smallest cog for rear wheel flats For rear-wheel flats, make sure you shift the rear derailleur down to the […]