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D2D 2013

The dome 2 dome 2013 cycle race saw most of our riders coming in under 2 hours.Overall it was a great 48km race but the cold morning meant a 20km ride to the race and back bringing our total distance to 90km. Results Gallery    



How to change a flat quickly

You can spend months prepping for an event, then have your effort quashed by a flat. Don’t freak. Fix the flat quickly. Here’s how to get rolling in 5 to 10 minutes. 1. Shift to the smallest cog for rear wheel flats For rear-wheel flats, make sure you shift the rear derailleur down to the […]


Review:Marhaba cyle ride march 2013

Azaadville Cycling Club had teamed up with Marhaba Madressa(school) for the 3rd consecutive year to raise monies for a worthy cause to fund the destitute within the Azaadville and surroundings communities. Sunday, March 17 had been earmarked for this event to be hosted for kids and adults, starting at 8.30am at the Azaadville Park. Since […]

Cascades Worldcup MTB Course - 7

How to Cycle Uphill

  Lean slightly forward on your bike. One of the problems when climbing uphill is a loss of traction from the front wheel. By leaning forward, you put more weight on the front wheel, which gives you better traction. Come up off the seat and lean in toward the handlebars to climb extremely steep hills. […]