Claening your mountain bike

If your bike was muddy or wet and requires a more extensive cleaning, here is how to do it.


First, you need to use a hose and a bucket with a sponge or cloth and some soap. You can use bicycle soap or car soap you would use to clean your vehicle. Hose down your bike completely while holding it upright with one hand.

You can roll it to clean the wheels or lay it down and let the hose spray spin the wheels to rinse them off. It is also helpful to use a scotch pad to clean dirt and grease off of the rims to allow for good braking.

I like the use of Clean Green cleaner on your bike, the rims, and the drivetrain. The treads will probably be the worst area for mud.

Avoid alot of high pressure spray in the area of the crank bearings or wheel hub bearings if possible. Direct the hose spray into the front and rear brake shoes, the chainrings and freewheel (rear gear cluster), and other areas as needed.

Turn the bike upside down and rest it on the seat and handlebars to hose down the underside. Then use your soapy water and clean the underneath. Next, upright the bike or lay it on it’s side and soap down the rest of the bike. Rinse off with the hose and then towel dry everything.

Don’t forget to re-lube the most important parts.

It is important to now clean the chain and lube it.

Also, it is a good idea to remove any sticks, leaves, or other debris from the inside of the rear gear cluster (the freewheel) with a thin, long tool such as a screwdriver, tableknife, or tool which is designed to get between the gears and take out debris. It is also a good idea to use a regular screwdriver or cloth to clean off the pulleys on the rear derailleur.

These are the two “gears” which the chain rides over and are usually are quite dirty. You should clean the inside and outside surface while moving the chain through the pulleys. Almost always there is a build up of dirt, grease, etc. which should be removed. Remember to lubricate your chain after washing and cleaning it so that it repels water…

You will feel good to know that you are putting your bike away CLEAN and now you can RELAX and enjoy your post ride festivities!

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