How to Cycle Uphill


  • Lean slightly forward on your bike. One of the problems when climbing uphill is a loss of traction from the front wheel. By leaning forward, you put more weight on the front wheel, which gives you better traction.
  • Come up off the seat and lean in toward the handlebars to climb extremely steep hills.
  • Keep both hands firmly gripped on the handlebars. The middle of the climb is not the time to grab for your water bottle.
  • Start the climb in a fairly low gear that will keep your legs spinning. Trying to change gears while in the middle of the climb can cause your gears to grind and even slip.
  • Conserve your energy while riding your bike uphill. Trying to climb too fast will cause you to tire out too quickly. Climbing too aggressively causes lactic acid to build up in your muscles, which will make your legs feel like they are on fire. Slow but steady pedalling is the most efficient way to climb a hill.
  • Riding position uphill, keep your weight forward, keep your chin low over the bars, and try to keep your head forward. The nose of your seat should be poking you in the butt as you are in the “crouch” position!! Use bar extenders or “cow horns” to make climbing easier, as these will enable better weight distribution for the steeps and help you to move forward on the bike. If the rear wheel loses traction, you may be too far forward. You may want to raise your seat up on long uphill’s for a better pedalling stroke.

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