Review:Cape Argus MTB 2013

The 2013 MTB cape Argus proved a challenge for the riders both in the 35 km and 52 km. Thankfully all riders finished the race.

The top rider from the club doing the 55km came in at 3 and a half hours.Riders than shortly followed in with the slowest time being a 4:30 due to bike problems.

The 35 km was much easier with the top rider at 2 :18 .This ride was much more relaxed.

As for the route , the first 20 km proved to be easy. As from 20 km onward the ride to the top of the mountain started with extremely steep hills one after the other.For the 35 km riders the hill climbing was over as they took the split to finish the race.       However the 55 km challenge was about to start as riders faced hill after hill.Once at the top of the mountain riders made they way down and climbed back up proving to be a great mental and physical challenge.Riders were over the moon when they crossed the finish line .

accompanying us was a road bike rider who finally gave some respect to the MTB riders proving once again that mountain bike is no joke. other riders also said that the route was extreme mainly with the terrain.

Apart from the riding the trip was a great bonding experience for us .The riders really enjoyed themselves.

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